French Toast Recipe

Dawn of a new day , for what do you give your priority ? Prior to all that , it is important to have a boosting energy with healthy breakfast. Never work before having your breakfast . But you may wonder , when it says healthy, should we have the typical healthy food that are … Continue reading French Toast Recipe


Homemade pizza ; worth trying this…

how it looks.. Why wasting your time going here and there looking for restaurants ? Whatever the so called popular food that you are served in restaurants, you can serve it yourselves at your own home... Only thing that we need is positive thinking.. Think positively and try this pizza recipe... You will be greatly … Continue reading Homemade pizza ; worth trying this…

Chocolate Cupcakes

Cakes -- cup cakes.... The only difference between these two is the size ??? No , it isn't .. Cup cake recipe is much more easier and simpler than a usual cake recipe. With its' nice frosting on the top and soft inside, imagine how tasty is it..If you have ever tried this recipe before, … Continue reading Chocolate Cupcakes

How to make Chicken Lasagna #cookwithSha #Lasagna Whose favorite food was lasagna ? Whom does come to your mind ? For me , it's Garfield ....Let's start making a delicious lasagna to impress someone special in our life following this easy recipe ... INGREDIENTS For the meat sauce 1. Lasagna noodles 1 pack2. Olive oil 2 tbsp3. Chopped Onions … Continue reading How to make Chicken Lasagna

Burger Recipe

#cookwithSha #burger #recipe Welcome to the cook with sha family !A couple of delicious juicy burgers !Make it at your home.Taste with your loving ones !This is the recipes of your burgers SPICY TURKEY BURGER BUNIngredients1 Burger bun5 grams of butter PreparationTake a burger bun and apply butter on the cutting surfaces of the buns … Continue reading Burger Recipe

Homemade Ice Cream

#icecreamrecipe As shown in this recipe , you can make delicious ice creams in 3 ways at home .You can get the help of my YouTube videos in my channel - Cook with Sha.Recipes are as followsServing 10 , each recipes OREO ICE CREAM INGREDIENTS2 cups of whipping cream2 cups of condensed milk12 oreo chocolate … Continue reading Homemade Ice Cream

Tres Leches Cake Recipe

cookwithSha #tresleches #cake recipe Welcome to the Cook with Sha family !!!Among all types of cakes you have tasted ,what is thebest ?Can’t it be a Tres Leches cake ? Try this recipe ! Ingredients For The CakeCake flour 450 gGranulated sugar 500 gBaking powder 2 tspSalt 2 tspVanilla extract 15 mlUnsalted butter ( room … Continue reading Tres Leches Cake Recipe